What are reasons to request custody modification?

What are reasons to request custody modification?

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Courts in Hawaii understand and recognize that life circumstances always change. When you and your spouse divorce, you are dealing with one set of life circumstances. Years down the line, these may have changed. 

Do you think your custody situation needs change? 

The Administration for Children and Families talks about changing child custody in the state. You cannot request changes in custody for any reason. There must be an acceptable basis, or the court will likely not approve the request. 

One of the most common reasons for changing child custody is the absence of one parent. This absence may come from many sources. Examples include the death of the parent or their incarceration. Their deployment as an active duty military member also counts. In some cases, parents are intentionally absent. Nothing interferes with their ability to make their visitation schedule appointments. They choose not to make them. If you have spoken with your ex-spouse and they do not respond, you can request a modification. 

Is your child at risk? 

Another common reason is if the child’s well-being is in jeopardy. Is there domestic violence in the house? Have they expressed a desire to leave the home in question? If your child is in immediate danger, you may submit a modification request to change this. 

Would the child’s best interest would be better cared for in a different situation? If so, this is also something you can propose. As an example, let us say you intend to move somewhere else. That location would hold more benefits for the child’s future. If so, a court may choose to change custody arrangements. Courts handle these instances on a case by case basis.