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“Highly recommend Greg Ryan. He’s kind, and extremely patient but also tough when I really needed him to be. If you need a divorce attorney, he’s the best.”

— Jenn

“Greg Ryan & Associates firm has done a wonderful job representing me for my paternity case to get full custody of my 11-year-old daughter. From the beginning they have done everything to help me understand what is going to happen. Firm attorney has gone above and beyond to make sure I get my voice heard. I am really impressed with Anne’s attention to detail. She has done a fine job putting all of my exhibits together and communicates with the judge very well. I have a complicated situation with my child’s mother, and she has handled it all like a professional. I can tell she wants to win and wants what is best for my daughter and me. I couldn’t be more happy with the way things have turned out so far and I would recommend Greg Ryan & Associates to anyone looking for a lawyer for family court.”

— Scott

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Greg and his team. Everyone is so professional, helpful and kind. I was feeling bottom low, nervous and confused when I asked him for help, and he gave me the voice I lost once and helped me to have better opportunities for my new life. One of my biggest concerns was property I and my ex owned. Greg’s team also has a very strong and knowledgeable real estate agent who made everything easier for me. I highly recommend this firm for anyone who’s going through a hard time like I was. Thank you Greg!”

— Miyuki

“Molly Turpin and the team at Greg Ryan and Associates are exceptional. Molly represented me during my request for joint physical custody and opposing my ex’s request to relocate. She is competent, she cares, she works hard and provided sage advice through 5 hearings, a custody evaluation, an expert witness’s work product review and 11 days of trial. She left no stone unturned, left nothing to chance, developed a winning strategy and despite my daughter’s young age and my position in the military she executed in the courtroom and got it done. I am forever indebted to Molly and the team’s service. These are good people that get it and care, and I can’t recommend them strongly enough.”

— Erika

“Greg Ryan has always been extraordinary, and caring. […] He treats his clients like family. I will always call him and his staff family. He has saved me from so much stress, time and aggravation and has made everything so easy and helped me to move on and continue to live a happy life. Thanks to Greg Ryan and his wonderful staff.”

— Lety

“Greg Ryan is the most client friendly attorney. He explained the process to full understanding and kept me updated every step of the way. He was so amazing I had no questions or concerns during the process. I highly recommend him to everyone because he cares about his clients.”

— Krystle

“I had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Gregg for an uncontested divorce. Even before hiring his services he answered all my questions, and gave me all the information I was curious about. On top of being professional, he went above and beyond during a sensitive time in my life. Still can’t believe he went out of his way after hours for me. A divorce can be a struggle to do by yourself, and I am happy I hired him. He really settled my nerves and came through clutch. Hopefully I never need a lawyer again, but he would be my first choice. Thanks again!”

— Clinton

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Led by an attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience, Greg Ryan & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLLC, in Honolulu can provide the practical and caring legal guidance you need in any civilian or military divorce or family law dispute. For an initial consultation, please complete our contact form or call 808-796-5613.