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Are You Considering Adopting Or Establishing Guardianship?

We know that your family is important to you, and making the decision to legally adopt or establish guardianship over a child or incapacitated loved one can be as emotional decision as it is complex. You may be a stepparent who wants to take a more active role in parenting your spouse’s children. You may be an aunt, grandparent or other relative who wants to care for the children when their parents cannot. You might have a loved one who is struggling to manage his or her personal and/or financial affairs. Whatever your situation, an experienced, caring and compassionate lawyer can help you make an informed decision and do what is right for your family.

At Greg Ryan & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLLC, we understand the importance of having compassionate and knowledgeable legal guidance when you are considering adopting or becoming a legal guardian. We have helped a wide variety of family law clients in Honolulu and the surrounding area.  We will listen to you, and we will work collaboratively with you to do what is right for you and your family.

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The Differences Between Custody, Guardianship And Adoption

Child custody is the legal arrangement that dictates how the biological parents share time with their children – will one parent be the primary caregiver, or will the parents share time with the child equally; and how will medical, educational, religious and other important decisions for the children be made.

Guardianship allows an adult (or a couple) to make important life decisions for an incapacitated adult or for a minor child, who is not the guardian’s biological child.  Guardianship is essentially “custody” of a child who is not yours, or of an adult who cannot manage his or her personal and/or financial affairs.

Adoption is a permanent court order terminating all rights and obligations of the child’s biological parents and granting all such rights and obligations to the adopting parents. After the adoption, the child’s birth certificate is changed to show the adopting parents as the biological parents.  The “new” parents have all rights and responsibilities regarding the child, and the “former” parents have no responsibilities for, or rights to, the child.

If you are considering whether to adopt a child or to become a legal guardian, it is vitally important to consult an experienced attorney. We can help you explore your legal rights and options – whether you are a stepparent who wants to adopt your spouse’s child, or a family member wanting to become a guardian of another’s child or of a loved one who is struggling to manage his or her personal and/or financial affairs.  Our experienced and caring attorneys will guide you through the applicable legal process, providing compassionate legal support every step of the way.

The Compassionate Legal Guidance You Need

We understand the importance of doing what is right for your child or incapacitated loved one. Contact us online or call 808-796-5613 today to arrange for an initial consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys.