Why is divorce mediation beneficial?

Why is divorce mediation beneficial?

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Mediation is an option for divorcing couples. The process is legally binding and provides an alternative to the courtroom. 

Choosing mediation over court may prove beneficial in the short term and beyond. Huffington Post recommends mediation as an effective alternative for divorce to streamline the process and improve the post-divorce relationship between couples. Find out more about the mediation process and why you and your spouse should consider it. 

Mediation takes some of the conflicts out of divorce 

When you and your spouse call it quits, the issues you must deal with may prove overwhelming. Even couples who agree on moving forward with a divorce may find themselves at odds over things such as: 

  • Child support 
  • Spousal support 
  • Child visitation 
  • Division of property 
  • Assignment of debt 

You may find that you and your spouse agree on most issues, but need help getting through only one or two. An effective mediator helps couples reach a compromise without the turmoil that often accompanies the process. 

Mediation allows a couple to maintain control 

A mediator is neutral, with no prior knowledge of your divorce. The mediator is typically an attorney who you and your spouse either agree to engage as a mediator or a judge appoints. On mediation day, some mediators find that keeping the couple out of the same room during discussions may prove more productive. Doing this removes unnecessary banter, outbursts or body language that may offend the other spouse. The mediator then speaks to each of you individually and moves back and forth conveying offers. The mediator helps guide each spouse to a fair resolution, thus keeping control of your family’s future in your hands, rather than leaving it up to a judge to order. 

A useful tool for divorce is mediation. The process may leave you and your spouse feeling better about the divorce and how you got there.