3 major benefits of divorce mediation

3 major benefits of divorce mediation

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Not all marriages end because of infidelity or acrimoniousness, and in some cases, they simply run their course. If your marriage is ending but you still have respect for your one-time partner, consider whether divorce mediation may help you accomplish your objectives. 

According to Psychology Today, mediation differs from a litigated divorce in some fundamental ways. While a litigated divorce involves each of you taking a side against one another, mediation takes a more collaborative approach. You and your ex work together with one single mediator who helps you sort through asset division, child custody issues and related areas. Many people who choose divorce mediation do so because it offers the following advantages. 

  1. It is cheaper

If you want to buy your own home after your split, you may be able to save more money to put toward it by opting for mediation. While no two divorces are the same, mediation may cost tens of thousands of dollars less than a difficult litigated divorce. 

  1. It is less combative

You and your ex may not agree on every last aspect of your split, but having an impartial third party determine what is fair may help preserve what remains of your relationship. Mediation is more about negotiation than it is one party “winning” over the other, so you may be able to walk away from it all while remaining friends. 

  1. It is easier on kids

It may take your kids some time to adjust to your new situation, but they may do so faster if you and their other parent work together during your divorce. Just as watching parents fight may cause anxiety or depression in children, watching them work together – especially after parting ways – may improve your kids’ mental health and emotional well-being. 

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