What are the steps for modifying child support payments?

What are the steps for modifying child support payments?

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As you navigate your divorce, the courts may consider a variety of factors for calculating child support. Forbes reports that any type of income, such as company bonuses and other perks may influence that decision.

Over time, you may want to modify your payments as your income changes. While your ex-spouse may have to agree to the change first, there are a few steps you can take to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Maintain your payments

If you plan to modify your child support payments, it is important that you keep paying in the meantime. If you have trouble meeting the amount the courts decreed you pay, then offer what you can until the court allows you to lower your payments. This shows your good faith and intentions, even if you cannot meet every payment as it comes.

Document income changes

If you lose or change jobs, you may want to document the changes. Make copies of your pay stubs so you have proof of an income drop. Your divorce lawyer can likely assist you with obtaining the required documents you might need when you return to court.

Maintain communication

While the court considers child support payment modification, do what you can to maintain communication with your ex-spouse and notify him or her of any possible upcoming changes in the amount received monthly. This can give your ex plenty of time to make changes in his or her budget and to adjust spending habits.

Courts often review your income over the course of several years when they modify child support payments. Providing an honest history of your income may improve your chances of earning the changes you seek.