Signs your children are having difficulty during your divorce

Signs your children are having difficulty during your divorce

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Getting a divorce is traumatic. It is especially difficult for the children of divorcing spouses. Although your relationship is dissolving, it does not mean either of you loves your kids less. You both want your progeny to experience minimal distress.

Juveniles often have difficulty expressing emotions. They may not tell you they are having trouble processing your split. Watch for signs of concern so you can address the situation.

Uncharacteristic fits

Children lack coping mechanisms that adults use. They have no idea how to appropriately release their feelings. Subsequently, they resort to extreme outbursts. They throw themselves onto the ground and wail or break toys. Do not impose punishment. Instead, invite them to take part in activities that make them feel better.

Physical harm

Little ones may express their trouble coping by biting or hitting themselves. This is an extreme behavior that requires psychological counseling. Seek help immediately.

Poor sleep

Children commonly have trouble sleeping when their parents are going through a divorce. You might only realize there is a problem after their eyes close during breakfast. Proper nighttime rituals can help reduce dozing off at inappropriate times.

Excessive introversion

Not everyone is a social butterfly, including kids. If your child prefers reading a book to playing with others, do not fret. That said, it is not healthy for anyone to abandon all social activity. Long periods of silence are often a warning signal.

Dissolving a marriage hurts children, too. Watch for hints of upset throughout your divorce and talk with them about the situation.