How divorce can happen without a fight

How divorce can happen without a fight

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While not a fun process, divorce need not involve a fight. Especially for families with children, going through a divorce smoothly often benefits everyone involved.

If you and your partner reached the difficult decision of ending the marriage, prioritizing your children’s best interests and working together in accomplishing a healthy separation still remains a possibility.

Understanding your options

Whether you and your ex-partner agree on issues, following the proper legal process for divorce remains necessary. However, you have options beyond going to court for decisions on how to divide custody and belongings.

When both parties disagree or one partner resists the divorce, the process becomes long and drawn out. Alternatively, if both parties work together and cooperate, they can use mediation rather than having the courts decide.

The benefits of mediation

Mediation allows for divorce without a fight. Couples with children can collaboratively decide on what works best for them. Mediation may allow for a better relationship between you and your ex after separation, which makes raising children easier. Some communication remains necessary after separation for couples with children, so staying on good terms benefits everyone.

The mediation process may also happen more quickly than a court decision, and give you and your ex more control over final decisions. Importantly, during mediation, you can make decisions on handling future disagreements.

Doing the right thing for you and your family

While every situation involves unique factors, for many families, divorce through mediation goes more smoothly and leads to less conflict. While divorce usually involves difficult decisions, it need not involve unnecessary fighting.