Beneficial elements of a prenuptial agreement

Beneficial elements of a prenuptial agreement

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If you consider a prenuptial agreement as a sign of mistrust in a relationship, you are not alone. Many people mistakenly view these contracts as a formality that turns a romantic relationship into a business transaction. At its core, a marriage license is a contract and a commitment. A prenuptial agreement simply helps to protect both parties and set clear expectations to provide every possible chance of success.

There are some elements that you should include in your prenuptial agreement.

Define role expectations.

A prenuptial agreement that defines the agreed-upon roles for having and raising children, whether either parent will stay at home and any philosophical expectations sets a clear path for the relationship to reduce the risk of conflict.

Preserve inheritance rights.

If one spouse receives an inheritance during the marriage or enters the marriage with assets from an inheritance, a prenuptial agreement can protect those assets and ensure that any future inheritance received during the marriage remains with the intended recipient.

Penalize infidelity.

In many cases, prenuptial agreements include a penalty for infidelity. When a spouse is unfaithful, they forfeit their rights to certain assets, alimony and other benefits in the divorce as a result.

Consider confidentiality.

A confidentiality clause is common in high-value prenuptial agreements and high-profile relationships. If you worry about your reputation or your career, incorporate one into your relationship.

Prenuptial agreements do not need a negative connotation because they are not intended as a sign of mistrust or punishment. There are many ways that these contracts help couples with setting expectations and protecting assets.