How to write a functional parenting plan after a military divorce

How to write a functional parenting plan after a military divorce

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | CoParenting |

A military divorce comes with its own unique set of circumstances and complications which can extend to life after the split as well. Namely, writing a functional parenting plan that works for the whole family can be difficult when one or both parents are active service members.

There are certain child custody considerations you should keep in mind both during and after your military divorce, such as the reality of lengthy service deployments. Knowing how these considerations will affect the process of writing your parenting plan will ensure that you can arrive at the best arrangement possible with your co-parent.

Build flexibility into your schedule

Flexibility is perhaps the most important aspect of a parenting plan in a military family dynamic. It can be difficult or impossible to create a one-size-fits-all schedule that applies to all situations in your future as a military co-parent. When the possibility exists that you or your ex-spouse will suddenly deploy, you need a flexible parenting plan and for both parties to be willing to pick up the slack when necessary.

Be willing to compromise on travel plans

Frequent travel may be a necessity in ensuring that both parents in a military dynamic get their fair share of parenting time. Your parenting plan should facilitate compromise regarding which parent bears the burden of travel. It is also important to remain reasonable about the frequency of travel so that it does not negatively affect your child’s personal or social life.

When discussing a parenting plan, it is crucial to balance the needs and wants of both parties as well as those of your child. It can be difficult to find the perfect solution after a complicated military divorce, but mediation may offer the procedures and guidance you need to finalize your plan.