How can I make divorce less contentious?

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Love is a volatile emotion, and given that the majority of modern marriages start with this emotion, it is not surprising that many divorces can be very contentious. However, there are ways to get through the process with a lot less stress. 
If you and your ex-spouse are still on reasonably amicable terms, divorce can be a lot less scary than you may think. According to Forbes Magazine, collaborative divorce is a great way to get through the process with less expense, both emotionally and monetarily. 
What is collaborative divorce? 
The majority of divorces are trial divorces. Trial divorces can end up being very expensive, due to the high amount of personnel involved. They can also end up being very stressful, since the end arbiter of the divorce is the judge. 
Collaborative divorce involves both ex-spouses and two lawyers discussing the terms of the divorce. A collaborative divorce can save a lot of money because there are fewer professionals involved. Additionally, collaborative divorce gives couples the chance to mediate their own divorce without leaving it up to an impartial judge. Essentially, collaborative divorces have the chance to be much less stressful and far less expensive. 
What are the negatives? 
Collaborative divorce can make divorce a lot less stressful, but it does require both parties being willing to negotiate and compromise. Ex-couples who cannot stand the sight of each other are unlikely to find success with a collaborative divorce. However, if both you and your ex-spouse desire an equitable outcome and are willing to negotiate for it, collaborative divorce can be a great option.