What Options Are Available To Service Members And Spouses In Divorce?
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What Are Your Rights As A Divorcing Service Member Or Spouse?

When you and your spouse are divorcing, you are sure to have important questions about your future. What are your rights? Does military service affect your custody rights? Will you have the support that you and your children need after your marriage has ended? How are military retirement and benefits divided? How might time away from home for a deployment or TDY impact the divorce process?

At Greg Ryan & Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLLC, we understand the additional challenges that military service can place on you during your divorce. Our founding attorney is a former Judge Advocate General in the JAG Corps, and he and his team have assisted many clients from all branches of the military. From our office in Honolulu, we will explain the relevant civilian and military law, and we will help you assert your rights in your divorce.  At every step of the way, we will listen to you and provide you the legal support you need.

Explore Your Legal Rights and Options Today

Learn and protect your legal rights during this change in your life. Contact us online or call 808-796-5613 today to arrange for a consultation with an attorney that has experience helping service members and their families during this difficult time.