Spousal Support
Spousal Support
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Understanding The Factors That Determine Spousal Support

If you and your spouse are unable to agree on whether one spouse will support the other, and/or on the amount and duration of such support, then the Hawaii Family Court may order one spouse to provide support to the other spouse for a temporary or indefinite period. When determining the amount of spousal support that should be given, the family court has to consider many factors. These include:

  1. The amount of money that each party earns as well as any other financial assets they may own
  2. The ability of the spouse seeking support to meet his or her financial obligations and needs singlehandedly
  3. The length of time that the parties were married
  4. The level of material comfort that was established during the marriage
  5. How old the parties are
  6. The state of each party’s health
  7. The parties’ occupations during the marriage
  8. Any job-related training that the party seeking aid may have, as well as their ability to find and keep employment
  9. The requirements for each party
  10. How the responsibilities concerning the kids are divvied up, both physically and financially.
  11. The paying spouse’s ability to take care of their needs while simultaneously providing support for the other party
  12. Any other factors that can be used to measure each party’s level of financial fitness in order to determine spousal support
  13. The estimated length of time that spousal support will be needed.

You will notice that one of the considerations is not whether the spouse was unfaithful during the marriage or whether the spouse is seeking support “deserves” support by virtue of having contributed to the marriage.

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