What do you know about handling divorce at work?

What do you know about handling divorce at work?

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You and your spouse told your family and friends about your split, and maybe you figured out the most favorable way to tell your kids. Have you thought about telling your boss and select people at work? 

Fast Company offers tips on how to navigate divorce at work. Understand how much you need to tell and which departments should know about your split. 

Missing work for court dates 

Because you may have to meet with your lawyer or attend court dates in the middle of the workday, let your manager or supervisor know about your marital split. Another reason to let your boss in on the life change is that you could have days where your workflow feels stifled and splintered because of the mental and emotional impact of divorce. Ask your supervisor about taking a mental health day so you do not risk poor work performance. 

Changing tax obligations and insurance coverage 

You and your wife or husband may share the same health insurance policy, or you may have your current spouse listed on your retirement or pension plan. In either case, let an HR representative know about your divorce and ask which forms you must submit to remove your spouse from your coverage or plan. Marital status impacts taxes, so ask what paperwork you must submit to ensure you meet your new obligations. 

Figuring out your new financial status  

Depending on how much you depend on your wife’s or husband’s income, expect a shift in your financial status. Do you need to ask about a raise or promotion? Maybe you need to spend more time at home rather than traveling for the company so you can spend more time with your children. 

You do not have to spark the office rumor mill with the revelation of your marital split. Put the above tips into action to better balance your personal and professional lives during this time.