What are your priorities during divorce?

What are your priorities during divorce?

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No matter if your divorce came suddenly or the end of your marriage felt inevitable, you likely feel heightened stress and emotions during this time. Especially in the early stages, you should try to maintain perspective on your priorities and carefully plan how to proceed.

Working with a divorce attorney and fully communicating your wishes may give you clarity in your divorce. Although he or she cannot determine your wants and needs for you, you can create a legal strategy to achieve your divorce priorities professionally.

How can I determine my legal priorities?

Typically, the three major priorities during divorce are:

  1. Personal health and well-being
  2. Your children
  3. Your assets

You can utilize various methods to figure out your priorities. A simple checklist outlining your important issues, fears, current resources and other concerns. Then, brainstorm ideas for solutions to these issues and jot them down. Be creative. For example, if you are not sure about temporary housing, you could move into a friend or relative’s guest room.

You can also attempt to set goals to determine your priorities. Think about realistic outcomes for all aspects of your divorce. What do you want to happen when dividing assets and personal property? What do you want the most?

What about any personal priorities?

For personal priorities, ask yourself questions about what you find important and what drains your energy. Your divorce is the time to let go of commitments that deplete you and add extra stress. Instead, focus on the necessities and what makes you happy.

Overall, think about the big picture and keep yourself grounded by living in the moment and not looking too far ahead. When you stay calm, it will become easier to determine your priorities.