3 reasons to put your parenting plan into writing

3 reasons to put your parenting plan into writing

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2022 | Child Custody |

Even if you are going through an amicable divorce, relying on verbal agreements can lead to disastrous misunderstandings down the road. This is especially true regarding your parenting plan, which you can put into writing before you even go to court.

Creating a parenting plan is a very important part of determining your child custody arrangement. There are several reasons why putting your plan into writing is likely to save you time and prevent potential conflict in the future.

1. Doing what is best for your family

If you and your ex-spouse do not reach a mutual agreement regarding custody, visitation, financial matters and other co-parenting responsibilities, the Hawaii family court will make decisions based on their perception of your child’s best interests. You can advocate for what you know is best for your family by approaching with an agreed-upon parenting plan from the outset.

2. Minimizing time in court

Nobody wants to spend excessive time in a courtroom trying to “win” custody rights and proving their point to a judge. With good faith or solid mediation, you and your ex-spouse can reach an agreement outside of court that benefits both of you as well as your child.

3. Protecting your parental rights

When the court formally accepts your written parenting plan, the terms become legally enforceable. This means that both you and your co-parent receive protection from acts of either party that would infringe upon your rights and responsibilities as outlined in the document.

Drafting a parenting plan is a great way for divorcing parents to guarantee their rights following a child custody case. Whether through personal negotiation or professional mediation, arriving at a mutually beneficial arrangement is sure to result in a better quality of life for your child.