What are the benefits of a no-fault divorce?

What are the benefits of a no-fault divorce?

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The State of Hawaii has made the divorce process less adversarial and stressful than it used to be.

A no-fault divorce allows you to file for divorce without proving the other person did anything illegal or intentionally harmful. This usually takes less of an emotional toll than fighting it out in family court.

Irreconcilable differences are reason enough

Some states require the petitioner to prove that their spouse committed adultery, was cruel or committed a crime. In Hawaii, divorce papers do not have to include personal histories. This helps both parties relax instead of gearing up for a battle. Either party can declare that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Avoid the blame game

Divorces are often more hurtful than they have to be. When it gets into a “he said / she said” fight, both people dig in, use harsh language and find it difficult to reach a consensus. A no-fault divorce is a practical option that allows for both people to come in with an understanding that you both did the best you could. Things just sometimes do not work out the way you wanted.

Take advantage of mediation

According to the Hawaii State Judiciary, divorce mediation is a legal option that often accompanies a no-fault divorce. By avoiding a long drawn-out battle in family court, you can avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and expenses. You can represent yourself in mediation or hire a professional. The goal is to talk through the problems and reach a solution without resorting to ultimatums and bitterness.