Divorce mediation basics to know

Divorce mediation basics to know

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Mediation helps parties in a divorce come to a settlement agreement. It can save you money compared to litigation. Mediation also helps you resolve your case faster because you eliminate the time waiting for hearings to litigate your settlement.

If you are not familiar with mediation, you may be unsure of what to expect from the process.

Mediation helps ensure reasonable settlements

A mediator can help guide you and your spouse through any contested areas of your settlement. The mediator will not make decisions for you or issue orders. Instead, they facilitate discussion, compromise and agreement between you and your spouse. The support of a mediator often leads to more reasonable and equitable agreements.

Your attorney can attend with you

A common misconception is that you can not attend mediation with an attorney. If you have retained a divorce attorney to guide you, he or she can attend mediation with you. Since most mediators are not legal professionals, having an attorney’s guidance through the process is often beneficial. Your attorney will help you understand and defend your legal standing throughout the mediation process.

Although divorce is often an emotionally charged time of transition, it does not have to end in courtroom litigation. Mediation can provide both you and your spouse with the guidance and support that you need to come to a mutual settlement agreement. This often leads to a faster and more peaceful divorce process for both of you. If you have children involved, it is important to consider the benefit of that peace for their emotional well-being.