Living together after divorce? It’s more common than you think

Living together after divorce? It’s more common than you think

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After a breakup, it’s natural not to want to see the other person for a while, possibly ever again. On the other hand, when you have been married to someone for years, you might not be ready to end your relationship completely. And then there is the economic reality that it can be hard for a lot of single people to afford living on their own.

Why keep living together if you don’t want to stay married?

These might be some of the reasons many divorced couples continue to live in the same home. While most couples start living separately before filing for divorce (and, in fact, must be separated for months in many states, though not Hawaii), practicalities sometimes lead couples to stay under the same roof. Such reasons could include:

  • A weak real estate market making it take a long time to sell the marital home.
  • A creative way of sharing child custody.
  • Disagreement over who should get to keep the house.

Arrangements like this have been in the news lately involving high-profile couples. Recently, former New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, announced they were “separated” but still living in the same home. Meanwhile, actor Kevin Costner and his wife are fighting over their home, with the wife refusing to move out over his objections and offer to pay for an expensive rental home and moving costs.

Help working toward your future

Stories like these show that no two divorce proceedings are alike. You need a legal strategy adapted to your individual goals and needs, as well as your children’s. Working with a seasoned divorce attorney can help bring your vision of a reasonable divorce settlement into focus.